Environmentally friendly blue grid thermal paper

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Environmentally friendly blue grid thermal paper

The thermal paper self-adhesive currently produced by our company has reached the industry's “three-proof” standard: waterproof, oil-proof and anti-wear; the introduction of thermal paper corrects the misconception that thermal paper is equal to fax paper, and has been accumulated for many years. Experience through long-term technology development, achieving high image retention (high light resistance, high temperature, high humidity, solvent, etc.), high print sensitivity (low energy consumption, print head), the two high reliability technology coexist . The quality is stable, the sensitivity is high, the adhesive property is strong, the temperature resistance is good, and the like; the bottom paper is made of light-transparent glassine paper, generally has blue grid thermal paper and white grid thermal paper. The products are environmentally friendly and have passed the international FDA product certification; the quality is stable, the sensitivity is high, the adhesive performance is strong, and the printing is clear. The labels printed by the printing manufacturers are widely used in bar code electronic scale brands: logistics labels, luggage labels, food POS labels, commodities. Hangtags, price tags, etc.

Environmentally friendly blue grid thermal paper

Name:Environmentally friendly blue grid thermal paper

Material: Paper

Brand Name: ZUNCHENG

Glue: Water Base Acrylic Or Hot Melt Or Oil glue Or Removable glue

Label Color:White

Storage life:≥15months

Size1070mm*400/800/1000M; (Or As Your Request)

Place of Origin:DongGuang,Chian

Release paper White/Blue/glassine Or As Your Request



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